My mirrors are inspired by lots of things from railway bridges to stone architecture. All mirrors are handmade and will both utilize recycled and renewable source wood .

All my hand made mirrors can be supplied as is or can be built to a size which suits you.  This mirror as seen above is in renewable source pine.

 Ageing processes are applied the wood to add a more rustic feel to some frames.  
This mirror has a strong grain structure and also ageing to bring out the original machining pattern.  The machining pattern is visually strong but faint to the touch. 


 renewable source handmade pine mirror


 Hall mirrors are taller and thin incorporating a shelf for handy storage. 

This mirror is built from renewable source pine and has been stained and waxed.


 reclaimed oak gothic mirror


This is another oak framed mirror in a rustic design.  The timber had an excellent knot in the right hand side which added so much character 

 To enable taking photos of various sized mirrors I made an adjustable shelf which can be seen in this photo.




New designs always being added to my online shop. 


  Totally handmade gothic arched mirror including  


 Oak mirror with metalwork using blacksmith technics


Totally handmade gothic mirror in oak and steel 

Oak and steel mirror.



Lock 'em up and throw away the key.  Argh



All my furniture is handmade, by me, in my workshop.