All hand made from renewable source and recycled wood. Stools in all there various forms can be used to lean on, put your house plants on, put your kids on etc etc. Below you will see an ever expanding collection of useful stools.



 Children's stools are the most useful of furniture.  Made from solid wood. Children think they are great and can use them to reach the basin for teeth cleaning and washing duties, or just to sit in front of the telly for a wind down. 

These stools are intended for children to use, and care should be taken if an adult should chose to stand on one.


gothic stools made from pine and metal
 Three wood stools in gothic style
pine and copper stool
 You can use stools for lots of different things. I like the contrast of green foliage plants against the wood and metal work.

 personalised handmade stool

solid pine stool