Hi. I also take commissions and on this page you will see information and photos of various work that I have undertaken at clients request. 


Sometimes the items of furniture will be based on others made previously but will require a different size or shape.  On other occasions the furniture maybe of a design dictated by the customer or by the purpose of the item.


lovely handmade pine mirror


This is one of my designs that was required in a different shape.  The original was a portrait shape mirror and this has been built to landscape.


House sign in recycled pine with carved letters


Handmade sign for an artists studio.




Handmade antique white shelves. 

Painted, sanded, distressed and finally waxed.


Below is a segment of the email sent from Charlie the day after delivery.



"Hi Alan! I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for the shelves - we are absolutely over the moon with them. We really are thrilled - they're so solid and well made, and to be honest the fact that we could get such lovely shelves made 100% to our specification for such a good price was something that I thought was probably too good to be true but I'm incredibly happy to admit that I was wrong!!"



Antique pine shelves,handmade from quality redwood pine 


Below is a segment of the email sent from Lisette after collection from Richmond Duck Pond  Market.



"Just thought I'd tell you about this brilliant bloke we met the other day who can make lovely things out of wood. We always say good work should be congratulated and as we're very happy with what he's done I thought this would be the best way to thank him! We saw a really lovely shelf unit he'd made at his stall at duckpond market (on heron square in Richmond every Sunday though he's not there this coming sunday), we sent him a spec to fit our space and he made them for us to order in a week at a very reasonable price. They're very special, the wood is lovely and so much nicer than boring old shelves from a shop.

He does shelves, furniture, mirrors, kitchen stuff, candle holders, all sorts, and he can combine wood with wrought iron. As you've all recently bought new houses we thought you might find this useful."